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What is the difference between edX and Open edX?

It may be hard to understand at first sight the differences between edX, the online learning initiative by edX Inc. ( and the Open edX platform. In short, edX is a non-profit initiative that delivers high-quality online courses from Harvard University, the MIT and hundreds or other consortium members, and Open edX is the technology platform that edX inc created to power this initiative. As Open edX was licenced as an open-source technology it can also be used to power many other online learning initiatives not affiliated with Our purpose at eduNEXT is to support this type of initiatives by providing services and solutions based on the Open edX platform.

To find out more about edX visit
To learn more about the Open edX platform, visit

What features are included / supported in the Open edX platform?

The open edX platform is a cluster of applications including the LMS or learner platform, studio or authoring platform, the e-commerce application, the insights platform and the mobile apps. Click on the links above to find more details about the nature of each application and their functionality. You can check out this List of features, which we have prepared with the Open edX community for simplifying the exploration and location of different features. Finally, exploring the platform via one demo or by setting up and working with your own site is one of the best ways to find out the different functionalities included in the platform.

How do I get my courses to be published in

Courses on are publicly listed in the edX course catalog and are open to learners from around the world. To publish a course on, your organization must have an agreement with edX Inc. You can contact edX directly to find out more.

How long does the Free Lite subscription last?

There is no time limit for the use of our LITE subscription. We recommend you begin using our free Lite subscription and then upgrade to a paid one to start enjoying our advanced features.

What is the delivery time for a cloud-based subscription project?

With our Cloud subscription service you can begin as soon as you’re ready.

Is the hosting included in a cloud-based subscription?

To have a site in our platform you need to have at least your own domain or site.

What are the differences between Cloud and On-premise?

Depending on the size, interests, and requirements of the intended installation, we can offer different alternatives, which I’ll explain in detail below.

Can I begin with a Cloud subscription and later on turn to an On Premise subscription?

We recommend the cloud-based subscription model for most initiatives, it is the fastest way to get all the new features from the latest Open edX version, plus all our exclusive features that add a lot of value to simplify and improve the management of the online learning strategy. However, if you begin with the cloud services and later on want to have the Open edX platform installed and configured on your own infrastructure, you can let us know and the eduNEXT technical team of experts will assist you.

The Open edX® platform can be deployed on a variety of hosting options, including AWS, Microsoft Azure, Hetzner your on-premise infrastructure, and more. By working with eduNEXT you can implement an Open edX® platform on your preferred hosting solution. We specialize in Open edX® managed hosting services to help you monitor, manage, and scale your hosting.

Documentation Sets

Sets of documentation that provides you with all the available information about the Open edX technology to help you configure your site


eduNEXT documentation

Comprehensive documentation to manage edunext services.


Open edX API Documentation

This interactive documentation lets you play around with the API calls.


Open edX 'latest' Official Documentation

Documentation for Open edX users who are following the master version of the platform.


EOX API Documentation

This interactive documentation lets you play around with the API calls.

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