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Join edunext at the Open edX Conference 2024

Edunext is excited to participate in the landmark Open edX Conference 2024 in Cape Town, South Africa! We'll be showcasing our expertise in e-learning through a series of talks and workshops focused on the Open edX platform.

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This year marks a pivotal moment in the landscape of global education as we approach the Open edX Conference 2024, set to take place in a location as inspiring as the content it aims to deliver. For the very first time, the beacon of e-learning innovation will illuminate the African continent, hosted within the esteemed walls of Stellenbosch University in Cape Town, South Africa.


Edunext, a distinguished verified partner and an integral pillar of the Open edX community, is thrilled to announce its participation in this landmark event. Our team is gearing up to showcase our depth of expertise, innovative insights, and cutting-edge strategies in the realm of e-learning, particularly focusing on the experience, management, and ongoing development of the Open edX platform.

What We're Bringing to the Table

Our involvement in the conference will be marked by a series of carefully curated talks, each designed to offer valuable perspectives on making e-learning more accessible, effective, and relevant in today’s rapidly evolving educational landscape. Here’s a sneak peek into the themes we’ll be exploring with their authors:


45 minute talks

Mastering Open edX Hooks: Insights and Innovations from Real-world Usage - Majo Grimaldi and Felipe Montoya

A talk that celebrates the evolution and shows the transformative impact of Open edX Hooks through real community examples. On the occasion of the framework’s third anniversary, discover how it has matured into a crucial tool for extending and enhancing the Open edX platform. This session will not only highlight innovative uses and development patterns, but will also offer insight into the future of Open edX Hooks, directly from avid maintainers and users of the framework. Ideal for those with experience in the Open edX technical landscape, this talk promises valuable insights and inspiration for future innovations.

Open edX: Don't just Launch, Thrive! Customer Success Strategies for a Sustainable Future - Albeiro Gonzalez

This session delves into success across various Open edX initiatives, highlighting how to enhance user engagement and course sales. Attendees will explore effective strategies, goal-setting, and support mechanisms for successful projects, backed by real-world examples. The talk provides a guide to leveraging tracking tools and feedback for long-term success. Ideal for managers and those looking to maximize their Open edX initiatives, it offers essential insights and actionable recommendations.

AI in Virtual Pedagogy: Ally or Challenge? - Paola Cruz, Ana Paula Gómez & Estefanía Velez

Diving into the world of Open edX projects, this session focuses on the pathways to their success, emphasizing the importance of adapting strategies to meet specific project goals. From enhancing user engagement in educational institutions to boosting course sales for corporations, attendees will discover how to tailor success metrics and implement customer-centric approaches. Ideal for managers utilizing Open edX technology, the talk will offer practical insights into overcoming challenges and achieving desired outcomes through anecdotal evidence and expert recommendations.


Workshop in collaboration between edunext and Axim Collaborative

Frontend plugabbility / overriadable UI slots - Felipe Montoya Felipe and Jhon Vente

Join us for this workshop where we will address innovative solutions from the Frontend Pluggability Summit. Learn how to modify the user experience of Micro Frontends (MFEs) using Default UI Slots components, an outstanding mechanism that enables extensions without the complexity of forking. The session is divided into two parts: a theoretical exploration of the potential and limitations of UI Slots, followed by a hands-on segment where participants will integrate new content into an existing MFE. It will be a perfect venue for Open edX developers looking to improve their frontend skills, as it offers insight into best practices and a collaborative coding experience.

A Deep Dive Into the Open edX Platform’s Competitive Standing & Future Enhancement Initiatives- Angie Ruz & MWG

Join the Marketing Working Group to better understand the competitive landscape of the Open edX platform, comparing its performance and features against key competitors such as Moodle and Canvas. This workshop is designed for product managers, marketing professionals and Open edX operators or vendors, and provides insight into global trends, market positions and strategic recommendations for leveraging Open edX’s strengths. Participants will conduct a SWOT analysis, explore the Open edX roadmap and discuss ways to increase adoption and community engagement. 


Lightning talks

A showcase of the newly added Open edX capabilities by the Unidigital initiative - Juan Camilo Montoya

This session will introduce a set of open-source xblocks, plugins, and direct improvements created during the execution of the Unidigital project, where 7 Spanish public universities joined forces with edunext to build and contribute to the Open edX project a series of enhancements and extensions to the platform specifically aimed at on-campus use, but in many cases also valuable for the fully massive online learning use case.

Open edX e-commerce: Current Status, Alternatives, and What's Next - María Fernanda Magallanes Zubillaga

Learn about the next steps for e-commerce on Open edX, as this talk sheds light on the shift from the traditional e-commerce service to innovative alternatives, including a promising WooCommerce integration. Perfect for individuals keen on understanding how to adapt their sales strategies on Open edX, the session offers updates, explores viable solutions, and encourages community collaboration to refine and advance e-commerce practices on the platform.

Enhancing edX: Survey Reports & AI- Andrés Espinel

This talk will demonstrate how combining survey reports with AI and machine learning can enhance the edX platform. It will discuss the implementation of a reminder system for regular survey submissions and methods for tracking report status to streamline management. Additionally, the session will highlight the use of AI to analyze user data, identifying areas for improvement to create a more personalized learning experience. Aimed at LMS administrators with some AI knowledge, attendees will learn about the impact of survey feedback on platform development and the potential of AI to optimize user engagement and satisfaction.

Why You Can't Miss It

The Open edX Conference 2024 is more than just an event; it’s a convergence of minds, ideas, and visions for the future of education. It’s an opportunity to engage with thought leaders, innovators, and practitioners who are collectively shaping the next generation of e-learning. And with Edunext at the forefront, you’re guaranteed to leave with actionable knowledge, new connections, and a renewed passion for educational excellence.


Stay tuned for more details on our sessions and how you can engage with us at the conference. Together, let’s break boundaries and build bridges, creating an e-learning ecosystem that’s more inclusive, effective, and aligned with the educational demands of tomorrow.


We look forward to seeing you in Cape Town!

Table of Contents

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