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The fourth official Open edX conference, and the first one to be hosted outside of the US, is taking place in may 2017 in Madrid, Spain, at the Carlos III University (UC3M).
The FICUS named release, the 6th release of the open edX platform by edX, has been officially released as is already available in all Open edX as a service subscriptions at eduNEXT.
eduNEXT's Open edX Software as a Service subscriptions provide a way to integrate ecommerce into your online learning strategy, featuring payment processors such as Paypal and Cybersource, paid courses, course upgrades, coupon codes, and more.
Open edX is a web-based platform for creating, delivering, and analyzing online courses. It is the open source platform that powers the edX.org initiative, created by founding partners Harvard University and MIT and joined by dozens of leading global institutions and millions of active online learners worldwide. This articles reviews …

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