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10 Years Shaping Education with Our Learning Platform

We are pioneer service providers in software as a service and multi tenancy for the Open edX platform.

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Our philosophy

  • An open edX platform that is fully managed, fast, flexible, scalable and extensible
  • Exclusive tools and resources to help you go  further
  • Continuous improvement
  • An Optimized Total Cost of Ownership – TCO
  • Great customer support
  • No strings attached
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  • 10 years working exclusively with the Open edX platform
  • More than 12000 initiatives served
  • More than one million learners reached
  • Wide diversity of successful projects worldwide
  • Support for large and complex Open edX instances at scale
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Community leaders

  • Hundreds of code contributions to the Open edX platform master repository
  • Active participants in the core committers program
  • Maintainers and contributors of the platform Translations
  • Creators and maintainers of Open sourced extensions,  APIs, plugins and Xblocks for the Open edX platform
  • Long time conference speakers and sponsors

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Latest updates on the platform and events in the community to keep you informed.


Latest updates on the platform and events in the community to keep you informed.


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