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The latest version of the Open edX® platform is called Ironwood, and it's already available in all of eduNEXT's Cloud subscriptions. It brings new features and improvements already available to make the most out of your online learning platform.

Once you’ve decided to power your e-learning, or online courses initiative with the Open edX platform, there are a few alternatives to provision this technology. One of them is the traditional model of self-hosting. This article presents eduNEXT’s points of view on the challenges, alternatives, and recommendations for self-hosting the Open edX platform.

Once you’ve decided to power your e-learning, or online courses initiative with the Open edX platform, there are a few alternatives to provide this technology. One of them is eduNEXT's Cloud subscriptions which let you enjoy the powerful features of the latest release of the Open edX platform and specialized tech support, without the hassle of installs, deployments, and constant updates. This article presents the main advantages and considerations of this alternative.

The Open edX mobile application offers users the possibility to access and consume the content of the courses conveniently from their Android and iOS phones. It also allows it to be configured and customized to a certain degree, in order to meet the specific needs of each client.

Gamification in Open edX platform can make a meaningful difference for individuals and institutions of academic-industry who are looking to substantially improve the engagement and learning capacity of their students through productive and interactive means. This article provides ideas on how to implement this kind of strategy in the Open …
The Open edX platform covers your needs for hosting and operating online courses, but there is also the need for a web content management tool to promote your initiative and cover your specific marketing requirements. In this scenario, you can use Open edX in combination with a CMS such as WordPress, Drupal, or any other. This article will provide some key insights into how to make it work seamlessly.
The Open edX insights platform is an additional application that runs next to the open edX platform, and it's dedicated to compute actionable insights based on the application logs. Contact eduNEXT for professional services regarding edX insights in Amazon EMR, native hive hadoop, MS Azure and private infrastructures.
eduNEXT's Cloud subscriptions provide a way to integrate eCommerce into your online learning strategy, featuring payment processors such as Paypal and Cybersource, paid courses, course upgrades, coupon codes, and more.

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