About eduNEXT

eduNEXT is a company founded in 2013, by the time edX inc took the leap forward to opensource the Open edX platform. We are driven by the conviction that a better online learning is both possible and much needed, and that learning and education done right, have a real power to improve lives.

We are fully committed to the development and promotion of the Open edX technology, to deliver the best available technologies to serve high quality education worldwide.

Our team of Online learning specialists has been working exclusively in Open edX related projects for over 8 years, providing Software as a service hosting solutions, consulting services, technology integration, content creation, and professional e-learning solutions and infrastructure for a wide range of online education, training and assessment initiatives around the world.

We make valuable contributions to the Open edX community to give back and help improving the online learning platform.

We have been part of every major event for the Open edX community.

We are committed to the internationalization of the Open edX platform. Our team contributes to the translation of different languages, and we lead the translation and review efforts for the Spanish language.

Some of the challenges we have overcome