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Deploy fast, minimize the investment and concentrate on the production and management of high-quality learning content with our Open edX cloud subscriptions.

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Integrate your own frontstore built in wordpress with your online courses powered by the Open edX platform

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Exclusive management console to configure your site, monitor and manage your team.

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The best Open edX tools to build engaging course experiences: Videos, discussions, problems, Scorm, LTI, pdf, images, Xblocks, interactive exercises and more

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Additional reporting capabilities to keep track of your operation at all times.

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Pearson education is a world learning company with longstanding leadership and expertise in educational publishing and assessment that provides services to schools, corporations and individual students worldwide. As they identified opportunities to grow by re-selling their courses to other providers in the industry and the development of custom features, Pearson relies on eduNEXT as an strategic partner that provides consulting services for the Open edX technologies.

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What's new in Open edX Juniper
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What’s new in Open edX Juniper

The latest version of the Open edX ® platform is called Juniper,
It comes with a number of changes and improvements over Ironwood. Let’s dive into the major changes for the different roles interacting in the Open edX platform.

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what is an lms (learning management system) LMS Capacitar empleados
Academic Institutions

What is an LMS and how it helps train employees?

An LMS, or Learning Management System, is a web-based platform used to manage and deliver training content to employees. It enables companies to create, manage, and track eLearning content and activities, and analyze the results of employee training programs in a secure and efficient manner.

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