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Power up your business with a winning partnership

We believe in collaboration to achieve success. By joining us we can reach new markets, serve more customers and achieve goals together. Ready to take your business to the next level? Let’s partner together and make great things happen.

Who is this for?

Online Course Development Providers

Mobile Learning Solution Providers

Assessment Platforms

Other Learning Management System Providers

Virtual Classroom Providers

Authoring Tools providers

Simulation Platforms

eLearning Content Providers

Webinar Platforms

Learning Analytics Platforms

Learning Experience Platforms (LXP) or related field

Instructional Design Companies

Adaptive Learning Platforms

Game-Based Learning Providers

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Target Audience

The Edunext Partnership Program welcomes you with open arms! It’s available to all providers of educational and technological services, whether you specialize in instructional design, content creation, hosting, design, technical support, or other related services. Join us and be part of this exciting collaboration opportunity!
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What do you get by becoming our partner?

What are the requirements?

Have a good reputation and a well established customer base.

In order to be eligible to join the Edunext Partnership Program,
providers must meet the following requirements:

Have a commitment to developing and maintaining a long-term relationship with Edunext.

Be able to demonstrate a commitment to quality customer service and support.

Agree to abide by the Edunext Code of Conduct.

Be willing to share feedback and best practices with Edunext.

Be willing to promote Edunext's products and services.

Provide a unique value proposition for Edunext customers.

Have a working knowledge of Edunext's suite products and services.

Have an established sales and marketing strategy.

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