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Scalable online educational technologies

The OSCE, an organization committed to incentivize and promote the spread of knowledge about multiple subjects created educational initiatives to provide the necessary security information to support the public, as well as internal training initiatives for the organization’s staff members. eduNEXT supports this particular initiative with the Open edX technology by building and running multiple sites with a scalable capacity of learners, that includes all Open edX functionalities.

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what is an lms (learning management system) LMS Capacitar empleados
Academic Institutions

What is an LMS and how it helps train employees?

An LMS, or Learning Management System, is a web-based platform used to manage and deliver training content to employees. It enables companies to create, manage, and track eLearning content and activities, and analyze the results of employee training programs in a secure and efficient manner.

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Academic Institutions

Using SCORM Contents in Open edX Courses

Open edX is a popular online learning platform that allows instructional designers and course authors to create engaging and interactive courses. While the open edX platform does not natively support SCORM content, it is still possible to use SCORM in open edX courses using third-party xblocks. In this blog, we will discuss what SCORM is, the advantages and disadvantages of using it, and how to integrate SCORM content into Open edX courses.

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Be Proactive Understanding Open edX Security Vulnerabilities
Academic Institutions

Understanding Open edX Security Vulnerabilities

Research shows that organizations around the world have increased business costs to address security vulnerabilities, specifically cybersecurity, and have spent around $150 billion in 2021, with a growth rate of 12.4 percent annually. No business is immune to security issues, so it is vital that organizations understand how these vulnerabilities can be identified and prevented.

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