OSCE & Open edX: An educational initiative committed to support the European community

The Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) is a regional security organization with 57 participating states. It has a mandate to promote stability, security, democracy, and human rights throughout Europe. The OSCE is committed to helping the European Union (EU) and its member states strengthen their regional and global presence, and to supporting the development of an integrated, prosperous, and secure European community.

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Successful e-Learning Platform Provided by edunext

The Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE)  is an organization that provides an inclusive forum for dialogue and security issues within the states members that aims to execute actions to improve the lives of individuals and communities of Europe. The OSCE approaches security to the community in many relevant areas such as, conflict prevention and arms control, foresting economic development, sustainability of natural resources, and the promotion of human rights.

As an organization committed to incentivize and promote the spread of knowledge about multiple subjects, the OSCE has created educational initiatives to provide the necessary security information to support the public, as well as internal training initiatives for the organization’s staff members. Their main challenge was to be able to deliver courses with a wide array of interactive material that could allow high quality learning experiences.

To support the OSCE´s educational needs, edunext provides them with the Open edX technology  to build and run multiple sites with a scalable capacity of learners, that includes all Open edX functionalities. Some specific considerations and requirements are also covered with custom look and feel, custom integrations, such as the SCORM integration for course contents, the customization of certificates, multi language capabilities, among other solutions.

The contribution of edunext has driven The OSCE to promote educational initiatives to provide quality learning experiences as a way to thrive for human rights and to support community development.

This particular initiative is another example of how online learning is becoming a key strategic tool for a sustainable community development that aims to increase social awareness. At edunext, we work hard to keep supporting educational projects that contribute to the improvement of online learning worldwide. Explore and learn more about the OSCE courses at www.osce.org

Table of Contents

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