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Empower your programs with high quality learning experiences that motivate your students.

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Open edX technology

Build high quality online learning experiences powered by the Open edX technology

Interactive learning

Enrich your courses with Interactive learning sequences built with a wide array of tools and options.

Custom problems

Scorm, LTI, H5P, open response assessments, drag and drop problems, advanced and custom problems, and much more to choose from.

Scalable platform

A scalable platform that allows the efficient operation of large courses.

Analytics tools

Monitor students’ progress with powerful reporting and analytics tools.


Find documentation and resources available to support the instructions design team along the course creation process.

Integrate the Open edX platform with the University SSO, the student information system, CRM and more


Large scale high quality educational experiences

BUAP launched a massive online learning initiative that aimed to provide assistance for freshmen students, and eduNEXT was selected to provide support for this initiative called Scientia Genus.

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Power your courses with technology built
and used by Harvard University and the MIT

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Academic Institutions

Discover the Open edX multi-tenancy enhanced features

Multi-tenancy enables organizations to successfully run multiple LMS sites published in different domains, out of a single Open edX installation. As part of eduNEXT’s involvement in the open edX community, we have always promoted and contributed to the advancement and maintenance of the multi-tenancy capabilities.

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Academic Institutions

eduNEXT becomes a member of the Open edX Partner Program

edX has recognized eduNEXT as a preferred provider in the highest category labeled “Open edX partner”. This specific categorization recognizes Open edX’s technology providers for their active contribution in the reinforcement of the platform as well as to certify their level of expertise and experience working with the Open edX technology.

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