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Implement continuous learning solutions to contribute with social development

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Open edX technology

Build high quality online courses powered by the Open edX technology 

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Enhanced Data security to protect institution compliance 

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LMS in the cloud that simplifies the technical processes and provides an easy interface for learners

Capacity learning

A full capacity learning platform that covers a wide range of learners enrollment


Documentation and resources available to support course creation powered by the open edX technology 

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Technical support available to assist authors and content managers 

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Cross functional platform for education accesibility

As a governmental institution committed to promote the spread of knowledge in different social matters, the The Foundation for Science and Technology created NAU, an online learning platform that promotes the offer of massive online courses as an educational alternative for Portuguese citizens.this project was mainly covered by the installation of an Open edX multisite platform that involved complementary services offered by eduNEXT such as, Open edX Insights and the Course Discovery Service. 

Successful Governments Initiatives
supported by eduNEXT

Implement continuous learning solutions
to contribute with social development

Localization and multilingual configuration

Online learning initiatives may dwell in the multi lingual world, and having an e learning platform that can handle several languages and multilingual configurations is a great advantage. Open edX has been built with internationalization in mind, and can be localized to every language.

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Academic Institutions

Integrating the Open edX platform with WordPress or another CMS

The open edX platform, covers your needs for hosting and operating online courses, but there is also the need of a web content management tool to promote your initiative and cover your specific marketing requirements.
In this scenario, you can use open edX in combination with a CMS such as wordpress, drupal, or any other. This article will provide some key insights into how to make it work seamlessly.

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