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About Open edX

In the course outline in Studio, you can use access settings to specify which learner groups can access particular components or units. You can restrict access based on one group type, such as content group or enrollment track.

It may be hard to understand at first sight the differences between edX, the online learning initiative by edX Inc. ( and the Open edX platform. In short, edX is a non-profit initiative that delivers high-quality online courses from Harvard University, the MIT and hunderds or other consortium members, and Open edX is the technology platform that edX inc created to power this initiative. As Open edX was licenced as an open-source technology it can also be used to power many other online learning initiatives not affiliated with Our purpose at eduNEXT is to support this type of initiatives by providing services and solutions based on the Open edX platform.

To find out more about edX visit
To learn more about the Open edX platform, visit

Definitely. For initiatives interested in selling their online courses, we provide ecommerce capabilities through our e-commerce add-on available in both Enterprise and Performance subscription and which allows you to monetize your courses in different ways:

  • By offering courses that are free to enter and have a paid upgrade option.
  • By having fully closed courses, where a payment is required to enroll.
  • By offering bundles of courses that can be purchased together in a single transaction. – Distributing discount codes to promote the purchase of your courses.
  • By having enrollment codes, to allow only certain users to enroll in your paid courses at no cost. The Open edX e-commerce application currently supports PayPal, Cybersource, and PAYU as payment processors. Support for additional payment processors can be developed for a service fee. To learn more about this feature please read this article that covers this essential topic.

Open edX offers all its functionality completely free, it is designed to simplify communication between teachers and students, and to make it more interactive. Open edX includes two products: the LMS for managing the learning process, and Studio for the content creation. With Open edX, content is implemented through special block plugins that allow you to add interactive elements.

You’ll be glad to know that Open edX has the cability of multilingual configurations. We currently support multiple languages including both left to right and right to left configurations, find out more about the languages we support, and the level of translation of each language here. Please keep in mind that the course content needs to be translated by the author.

Yes, you can track the learners’ progress and behavior. It is possible to know how many active learners you have and the interaction of your learners in activities such as problems or discussions. This component is included in the Performance subscription which is available starting with 200 users. You can also generate reports about the enrollments, login activity of your learners, certificates and timed exams in the EduNEXT Manage Console. Also, the instructor dashboard on the LMS offers a few reports to follow up on learners’ progress in the course.

Embeded content (from video streaming providers), SCORM content, XAPI content, H5P components. All web enabled formats can be included into a course (PPTs, PDFs, and other similar content).

  1. The look & feel of your site can be customized in different ways: By integrating Open edX with an additional CMS You can observe this approach and feature in action on the site. If we visit this link, we will notice that this page looks quite different from your standard Open edX homepage, and the reason is that this site is, in fact, built-in WordPress CMS (outside of Open edX). To learn more about this go here
  2. By extending the Open edX theme You can choose to include your images and HTML contents to meet your specific needs, although this will require the changes to be executed directly into the Open edX platform code by you or your technical team and compromising the continuity of the service.
  3. By customizing your theme You can customize your style, HTML content of most of your site directly from our Management Console without performing any changes on the code of the platform or the redeployment of any application.
    All these options are available in our cloud-based and On-premise model. To have a quote for any of these services please contact our team at

There is no time limit for the use of our LITE subscription. We recommend you beguin using our free Lite subscription and then upgrade to a paid one to start enjoing our advanced features.

The open edX platform is a cluster of applications including the LMS or learner platform, studio or authoring platform, the ecommerce application, the insights platform and the mobile apps. Clic on the links above to find more details about the nature of each application and their functionality. Another possibility is by looking at the complete documentation located here: XXXXX You can check out this Listo fo features, which we have prepared with the Open edX community for simplifying the exploration and location of different features. Finally, exploring the platform via one demo or by setting up and working with your own site is one of the best ways to find out the different functionalities included in the platform.

Courses on are publicly listed in the edX course catalog and are open to learners from around the world. To publish a course on, your organization must have an agreement with edX Inc. You can contact edX directly to find out more.

Cloud Subscriptions

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There is no time limit for the use of our LITE subscription. We recommend you beguin using our free Lite subscription and then upgrade to a paid one to start enjoing our advanced features.

Yes, WooCommerce is integrated and fully functional in Makro. You can build your own store using Makro.

After the 6-month period is over you can buy extended support. You can buy extended support in the beginning, too. I that case you get 1-year support in total.