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How does your service model work?

We deliver fully featured and cost-efficient Open edX cloud subscriptions as well as professional services for on-premise or private installations, Custom extensions and integrations, Theming, and ongoing support. Our open edX Cloud subscriptions provide:
1. Automation: You can get your site up and running in minutes and manage it by yourself using the exclusive edunext Management Console called " Control center".
2. Complete functionality: All the power of the latest version of Open edX, including the open edX LMS, Studio, edX e-commerce, edX insights, multiple Xblocks, more than 13 languages, multisite capabilities, mobile apps.
3. Extended capabilities: Added branding and customization options, extra features, APIs, and integration possibilities to cover the capabilities most requested by organizations already using open edX.
4. Flexibility: With 4 types of subscription, including a free LITE subscription with no time restrictions.
5. Cost efficiency: Affordable pricing, based only on the number of Monthly ACTIVE users.
6. Professional Support: Guaranteed service performance and a team of experts by your side to help you move your initiative forward.

How long does the Free subscription last?

There is no time limit for the use of our free subscription. We recommend you begin using our free subscription and then upgrade to a paid one to start enjoying our advanced features.

What is the delivery time for a cloud-based subscription project?

With our Cloud subscription service, you can begin as soon as you're ready.

Is there a limit number of users in the cloud-based subscriptions model?

No, there is no limit regarding the capacity of our servers to host a given number of users, we have operated with up to 60,000 users with no downtime periods.

How do I know which plan fits better for my project?

Depending on the size, interests, and requirements of the intended installation, we can offer different alternatives. To get started, the one we recommend for most initiatives, is to choose one of our cloud subscriptions. This would be recommended for all initiatives under 10k monthly active users and would be the fastest way to get all the new features from the latest Open edX release, plus all our exclusive features that add a lot of value to simplify and improve the management of the online learning project, the type of subscription and the number of active users. These subscriptions are the fastest and most cost-efficient way to get you running.

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