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Join us to collaborate with the future of education!

Come join our culture of cool people (just like you) that helps to face the challenges of providing high quality education worldwide.

Why edunext?

Work anywhere

Our office is in Bogotá, but our team lives in Filipinas, México, Peru, Venezuela, and different cities in Colombia. The culture is a flexible, modern, and relaxed atmosphere.

Flexible working environment

Enjoy a flexible schedule, autonomy work, focused around the results, and deliver value besides professional grow up.

Forever Beta, Forever Next

Education is an experience that is always in movement, that’s why our products and people are always in constant growth. Be connected with a community of open developments, that is always updated!

Work-life balance

These two words are part of our community. We always care about the welfare of our employees and this is reflected in their good energy at work.

Gender equality & Inclusion

eduNEXT makes a commitment for the inclusion and gender equity by opening their spaces and processes to that they become true talent incubation laboratories for women in the industry. Here you can always find a place for you no matter your gender, ethnicity, or preferences.

Open positions

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