edunext Control Center

The perfect complementary solution to manage the Open edX platform

The edunext Control Center is a powerful management tool

It provides a wide range of features to help management teams navigate the complexities of configuring and running an Open edX platform

Ultimate Functionalities

Control your platform's realm

Large and medium-sized Open edX installations may get quite complex. Use Edunext Control Center to make sense out of the multiple environments, advanced configurations, and more.

Organize your team

Not everyone in your team needs to be a superuser. Each person has a role and based on it, Edunext Control Center provides access to the corresponding features and information.

Centralize access to documentation and support

A centralized place for your team to find the appropriate documentation, key resources, and the specialized support.

Intuitive. Powerful. Empowering

Control at multiple levels

The edunext Control Center works at multiple levels, providing an interface for your team to access and manage the diverse aspects of Open edX from multiple angles.

Locate and manage your platform level settings, map custom developments and integrations, the LMS sites, organizations, course creators, platform administrators and more.

Access and manage all of your LMS site configurations, or leverage multitenancy to run multiple sites Use the advanced extension points for developers such as APIs, triggers and customizations, find advanced tools for running your site and courses and analyze the activity in your site and get reports across your learners and courses.

Empower your team with access to the most relevant documentation, tools and support services.

Manage your edunext subscription details, tier and quota, upgrades, renewals, invoices, service level agreement (SLAs), data processing agreement and more.

Get the best management tools regardless of whether your platform is running out of edunext’s cloud subscriptions, or in a stand-alone instance.


How do I get the edunext Control Center?

The Edunext Control Center is available for all our subscriptions and plans, including our free version.

Is the edunext Control Center open source, and can it be installed on my own servers?

No, ECC is a web application built and operated by edunext only, however it can be used for managing open edX sites that are not hosted or maintained by edunext. Contact sales.

Can the edunext Control Center be used in stand-alone instances?

Yes, as long as your instance is running the open source edunext stable distro, it can benefit from the edunext Control Center.

What version of Open edX is The edunext Control Center compatible with?

The edunext Control Center is compatible with all versions of the edunext stable distro, which essentially is an enhanced version of the Open edX stable release. Currently, it is compatible with Limonero or the edunext enhanced Lilac version of the Open edX platform.