Consulting Services

Open edX Theming, Integrations, Customizations, Upgrades

Our team of Online learning specialists has been working in Open edX related projects around the globe for over 5 years, taking on a wide variety of challenges.

  • 530,000 lines of code
  • 22 active repositories
  • 958 commits
  • 12 Pull requests submitted upstream

Custom Development

  • Development of Open edX themes and branding modifications
  • Development of plugins for The Open edX platform
  • Development of Custom IDAs (Independently Deployed Applications)
  • Development of custom X-blocks

Custom integrations

  • Integration with third party authentication systems
  • Integration of additional payment gateways for edX ecommerce
  • Integration of The Open edX platformwith a Content Management System, such as Drupal or WordPress
  • Development of REST APIs for integrating Open edX with other platforms or services

Open edX mobile apps

  • Branding, localizing and deploying the Open edX mobile apps for iOS and android

Knowledge transfer

  • Training your staff in the operation of The Open edX platform, Studio, ecommerce, insights.
  • Empower your technical team to run and manage The Open edX platform internally
  • MOOC (Massive Open Online Courses) development and operation.
Get our team of Open edX experts to work on your online learning infrastructure, custom developments, custom theming, mobile apps, integrating open edX with other platforms or training for your staff.

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