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Scalable online educational technologies

The OSCE, an organization committed to incentivize and promote the spread of knowledge about multiple subjects created educational initiatives to provide the necessary security information to support the public, as well as internal training initiatives for the organization’s staff members. eduNEXT supports this particular initiative with the Open edX technology by building and running multiple sites with a scalable capacity of learners, that includes all Open edX functionalities.

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Integrating the Open edX platform with WordPress or another CMS

The open edX platform, covers your needs for hosting and operating online courses, but there is also the need of a web content management tool to promote your initiative and cover your specific marketing requirements.
In this scenario, you can use open edX in combination with a CMS such as wordpress, drupal, or any other. This article will provide some key insights into how to make it work seamlessly.

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email monitoring in Open edX

Email delivery can sometimes be a challenge, and prevent you from delivering a great experience to learners. To make things simpler and provide more control over your site’s communications, eduNEXT’s manage platform implements and email tracking capability, that lets you monitor the delivery and visualization of all recent emails sent by the platform, to empower a better and simpler management.

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