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edunext Management Console

One of our purposes is to empower you to be able to run your open edX microsite with a great deal of flexibility and control. A very useful feature in the manage application is to allow for easy self service customization of many of your site’s configuration variables, styles, email behavior, and advanced features configuration.
Open edX multi-tenancy

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What is EMC?

One of the ways eduNEXT is delivering on its promise of standing by the organizations and initiatives interested in the Open edX technology is by bridging the knowledge gap required to use this technology by offering fully featured Software as a Service (SaaS) subscriptions in the cloud. Under this model, instead of having Open edX installed and configured in your own servers, you get a fully managed Open edX site and a full range of Open edX applications and exclusive features to power your online learning initiatives. This platform will be published in your own domain, but internally, it will be running on eduNEXT elastic cloud infrastructure, which warranties a great level of service, application management, and monitoring, data privacy, and IT security.

One of our purposes is to empower you to be able to run your Open edX microsite with a great deal of flexibility and control. In order to accomplish this, we have developed the edunext Management Console (EMC), which is a really powerful tool for all eduNEXT Open edX SaaS microsites administrators. This useful feature allows for easy self-service customization of many of the Open edX platform configuration variables. Everything from your site name, language, look and feel, email configuration, Google analytics and more.

What are the Advantages and Configuration Alternatives that the EMC Offers?

We are aware of the importance of access to clear information about the number of users, email tracking, among other important data. One of the exclusive features included in eduNEXT SaaS subscriptions is a service called Analytics+, which empowers you for processing tracking records and deliver actionable insights in real time. Along with Open edX Analytics in real time, this exclusive feature allows for queries, filters and provides several visualization alternatives. The information displayed on the console is divided into three categories:

  • Active Users: This dashboard shows the number of active users in your microsite. A visitor is counted as an active user only when he visits the courseware or the discussions inside your course.
  • Real-Time Logs: This dashboard shows the activity logs on your site for up to the last 30 days.
  • Email Tracking: By signing in the management platform, you get access to an email dashboard where you can monitor all the emails sent by Open edX on your behalf, from account activation emails, password reset requests, and more. For each sent email you can access confirmation on whether or not the email was delivered and opened, so you can figure out how to proceed in each case.


When running online courses you need to have all the data to help you make informed decisions. One of our latest features in the management application is an extra cross course Open edX reports module, to allow for easy access to filtered cross course data and generation of user-friendly reports. Some of the reports that are already available are:

  • Users report, to give you the whole picture of your site registration.
  • Enrollments report, including unenrolled users from all your courses.
  • Grades report, to have all the learners info and grades in one place.
  • Timed exams report, to get all the information about the timed exams submissions.
  • Certificates report, to get a list of all generated certificates for a course, including student info and the certificate URL.
  • Additional or custom Open edX reports can also be built into this reporting module to suit your projects needs.

Please check our Reports and Analytic Tools video to find out more.

Microsite Settings

  • General: Change the name for your site, language, and timezone. Add Google Analytics integration.
  • Basic Look & Feel: Some options that allow you to brand and enhance the look and feel of your site.
  • Email: All about the email addresses used to send the platform notifications. Configure your outbound email account.
  • Static Pages: The Open edX platform has a set of 6 static pages that can be used to place information or additional content on learning strategy.
  • Certificates.
  • Add-Ons.
  • edX Insights: The edX Insights analytics application computes actionable information from your course runs and presents them visually.
  • Multi-Sites Configuration: An option that lets you have more than one site, each one in a different domain, with a different course catalog, and different configurations, but all being managed and billed under the same subscription.
  • Third-Party Auth Add-On: This add-on allows your users to log in or sign up with their credentials in a third party authentication provider.
  • E-Commerce Add-On: The Open edX E-Commerce complementary application allows you to monetize your online learning initiative in different ways. This application currently supports PayPal, CyberSource, and PAYU as payment processors.
  • Advanced Look & Feel: This add-on enables additional customization options to your Site, giving you extra power to style and improve its look and feel.
  • Content overrides Add-On: This add-on allows you to add your own HTML to override more than 30 sections of the standard Open edX layout, providing great flexibility to achieve your needs.
  • Website Integration: This is a very powerful add-on that allows you to integrate your Open edX site with an external CMS.
  • Advanced XBlocks & Learning Tools: This add-on allows you to use the best XBlocks to enhance your course activities and tools.
  • Restricted Access: This add-on allows to restrict the registration or access to your site and course catalog only to your approved list of users. This is useful when your site is not intended to deliver MOOCs, but instead small private courses or corporate training.
  • Multilanguage Add-On: This add-on allows to have your LMS site delivered in a language other than English or in more than one language for the learners to be able to choose.
  • Customized Registration Add-On: This add-on allows to apply a range of customizations to the registration form of your Open edX site.
  • Bulk Registration: This add on allows for batch user creation giving you additional control over the users in your site.
  • Multi-Org Add-On: This add-on allows the definition of multiple organizations, to better organize your course catalog.
  • Mobile API Add-On: This add-on gets the mobile apps API activated, in order to have an Open edX mobile app for iOS and Android running against your courses.

Are you Looking for Help?

In order to empower you to be able to run your Open edX microsite, the EMC lets you take advantage of a complete list and all sort of resources and sources of help and technical support, such as:

  • Getting Started: A complete guide to the resources and use of the EMC.
  • Official Open edX Documentation: Documentation for and the Open edX Community. EdX provides user documentation for a variety of audiences: learners, course teams, developers, and researchers.
  • eduNEXT Documents & Resources: A full knowledge base including documents and resources by eduNEXT to help you create and configure your online courses and use the EMC.
  • Create a Support Ticket: If you are an active customer in need of assistance, or if you just want to reach out to our technical team, the EMC offers you an easy way to open a support ticket.

Are you Ready to try one of our Cloud subscriptions?

If you want to enjoy the latest features in an Open edX installation that is professionally managed and continuously updated, consider one of our eduNEXT’s Open edX Cloud subscriptions.

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Table of Contents

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