Challenges and opportunities with the Open edX platform

Challenges and opportunities with the Open edX platform

These are very challenging times, but they are also a good moment for us to keep reimagining education and strengthen our capacities for delivering online learning with great quality and at large scales.

No matter which stages you are at in what we call “The Open edX Journey” we want to help you start or grow your online learning initiative towards new heights.

if you are just getting started

For those who are in the “Discover” and “Provision” stages, there is a lot of information to process and perhaps there will be additional time to do it now. 



The resources we have available for you to explore and learn include:


if you are already using the Open edX platform

For Online learning initiatives that are already established, the current situation may present some challenges and also some opportunities.


Higher demand for online learning​

In case you are experiencing or have the potential for an increased demand in your courses:

  • Make sure your site is configured, looks and performs to its full potential. Check out our Video guide for configuring an open edX site
  • Take advantage of eduNEXT cloud subscriptions add ons and advanced features such as Website integrationecommerce, customized look and feel, HTML overrides, third party auth, and more.
  • Reach out to a wider audience using additional marketing channels, social networks, email, messaging, etc.

Opportunity for new courses

You may have an opportunity or a need to create new courses or contents in the very short- term.

  • Make sure to follow our course creation video guide to learn how to deploy your online courses with the Open edX platform.
  • Use the assistance of our Support team to help you solve particular challenges to enrich your course.

Increased traffic in your site​

Traffic towards your online initiative may be growing significantly these days.

  • If you are enjoying one of eduNEXT cloud subscription or on-premise support plans, you are already covered for your escalation needs.
  • If you are not, reach out to us and get a free consultancy session tailored to your specific needs and challenges.

Ready to take your online learning to the next step?

Cloud Subscriptions powered by Open edX

Get started with eduNEXT’s Cloud Subscriptions powered by Open edX. You can always start small and adapt your platform in several ways as you grow.

Self Hosted Open edX

Get our team of Open edX experts to install and configure the Open edX platform in your own infrastructure, design and develop customizations, change the theming, deploy mobile apps, or train your staff.

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