The Benemérita Universidad Autónoma de Puebla (BUAP) is a recognized public university located in Puebla, Mexico, that offers higher education with quality standards to approximately 500.000 students. The BUAP is currently distinguished for being one of the six mexican universities that belong to the Macro Universities Network of Latin America and the Caribbean, with an academic offer of 149 undergraduate and postgraduate programs.

In 2020, BUAP launched a massive online learning initiative that aimed to provide assistance for freshmen students, providing them access to massive online courses on subjects such as literature and writing, languages, math comprehension and the faculty admission exam. This particular initiative aimed to support a number of 30.000 active learners for one academic term with a very high level of concurrency and bulk operations.

After thoughtful consideration, the management team at BUAP recognized the Open edX platform as the most suitable alternative to meet their requirements, and eduNEXT was selected to provide support for this initiative, called Scientia Genus, which aimed to deliver online courses for freshmen students on main science subjects. The requirements were fully covered with a cloud based platform infrastructure with a scalable capacity that reached up to 150 application servers, and the functionalities of Open edX and eduNEXT’s management console.

eduNEXT’s contribution to the Scientia Genus initiative has enabled BUAP to provide innovative learning experiences for the student community and to optimize the methods of educational training, a top necessity since the corona virus outbreak. The pandemic´s impact on education has pushed Academic institutions around the world to find new ways of delivering high quality educational experiences.

eduNEXT is glad to be able to contribute and work with learning initiatives that promote innovative solutions for high quality education worldwide. We are fully committed to the development and implementation of educational projects powered by the Open edX technology and hope to be a strategic partner for many organizations in the EdTech industry.


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