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Open edX® is an advanced open source technology to deliver online learning. Created by Harvard and MIT and used by millions worldwide.



Open edX™ is an online platform for creating, delivering, and analyzing online courses. It is the open source platform that powers the edx.org initiative but also thousands of other online learning initiatives across the world. The Open edX world is complex, rich and diverse.

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Birch. the second named Open edX release.
The new tree species in the Open edX named release space is called Birch. This one was first released on
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Open edX con 2014
On November 18th – 19th 2014 in Cambridge, Massachusetts, the team encharged of the Open edX community hosted the first
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Open edX hackathon 2014
After the 2014 Open edX Conference, edX organized a two day Hackathon to get the community to work together with
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Open edX named releases
Aspen, First named Open edX release
In order to make it easier for people in the Open edX community to collaborate and share knowledge over the
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Open edX Datajam 2013
In December 2013 the State Department hosted alongside with Harvard, MIT and edX a meeting to propose ideas for using
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