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Open edX is an advanced open source technology to deliver online learning. Created by Harvard and MIT and used by millions worldwide.

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Open edX™ is an online platform for creating, delivering, and analyzing online courses. It is the open source platform that powers the initiative but also thousands of other online learning initiatives across the world. The Open edX world is complex, rich and diverse.

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openedx con 2107
Open edX conference 2017
The fourth official Open edX conference, and the first one to be hosted outside of the US, is taking place in
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Adding insights to Open edX
The edX insights platform is an additional application that runs next to the open edX platform, and it's dedicated to
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A fully featured style guide for your Open edX course contents
When building online courses in Open edX, you may need to add a differentiated visual layout for your course contents.
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open edX ficus named release
Open edX FICUS. Security and performance upgrades in this latest named release
Open edX Ficus is the name of the latest open edX release. It brings new and improved functionalities and performance
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Open edX Documents and Resources
Implementing custom payment processors for Open edX ecommerce
Ever since edX announced the plan to develop a new ecommerce service to replace the original shopping cart that came
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Online payments and the open edX platform
Add ecommerce to your Open edX site
eduNEXT's Open edX Software as a Service subscriptions provide a way to integrate ecommerce into your online learning strategy, featuring
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Flow control Xblock – A multi unit conditional module for Open edX
Course contents in a course built on the open edX platform is organized in a structure of sections, subsections and
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open edX eucalyptus
Open edX Eucalyptus Named Release
Open edX Eucalyptus is the name of the latest open edX release. It brings new and improved functionalities to enhance
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Additional reporting capabilities across your Open edX site
When running online courses you need to have all the data to help you make informed decisions. One of eduNEXT's
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self service open edX configuration
Self service Open edX configuration
One of our purposes is to empower you to be able to run your open edX microsite with a great
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customized Open edX certificates
Customized Open edX certificates
Our customized certificates generation empowers you to deliver great value to your learners upon course completion. Seamless configuration of your
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open edX email tracking capabilities
email monitoring in Open edX
Email delivery can sometimes be a challenge, and prevent you from delivering a great experience to learners. To make things
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