Open edX Versions – What’s New and What’s Changed?

Open edX releases occur every six months and each new version is accompanied by a document detailing changes made. Beyond the highlights, details on what’s new and what’s changed can also be found by visiting the Release Notes page. Here, one can find information regarding the new features as well as bug fixes and improvements made to the existing functionality

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Open edX is an open-source online learning platform that allows organizations to create and deliver online courses. The platform is maintained and developed by the edX organization, in collaboration with a community of contributors.

How is the process of software updates in the Open edX platform?

Open edX follows a release schedule for its software updates. The release process typically involves the following steps:
  • Planning: The edX organization and the community discuss and plan the features and improvements that will be included in the upcoming release. This includes identifying the goals, priorities, and timeline for the release.
  • Development: Developers from the community and the edX organization work on implementing the planned features and improvements. They write code, perform testing, and address any issues that arise during development.
  • Alpha and Beta Testing: Once the development phase is complete, alpha and beta versions of the software are released. Alpha versions are typically released internally to a limited group of testers, while beta versions are made available to a broader audience. Testing helps identify bugs, gather feedback, and ensure the software is stable and functional.
  • Release Candidate: After addressing the issues identified during testing, a release candidate is created. This version is considered to be a potential final release, pending further testing and verification.
  • Release: Once the release candidate has been thoroughly tested and verified, it is designated as the official release version. The release is announced to the community, and the updated software is made available for download.
  • Maintenance and Updates: After the release, the edX organization and the community continue to provide maintenance and updates. This includes addressing reported issues, releasing bug fixes, and developing new features for future releases.

How many versions does the Open edX platform has?

Besides The Open edX platform follows a versioning scheme for its releases. Each release is named after a tree or plant, and the names follow an alphabetical order. Here’s an overview of them :

Table of Contents

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