Create Multicourse Programs in Open edX with eduNEXT enhanced features

eduNEXT's advance configuration to create course programs (collection of courses) in order to enhance the functionalities of Open edX's Course discovery service.
Create Multicourse Programs in Open edX with eduNEXT enhanced features

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The Open edX platform offers a fair amount of options to set up your online courses, as individual learning experiences that are aggregated in a course catalog. However, sometimes you may need to arrange courses in a sequence or Program, so that a learner can easily find and take multiple courses and then get a certificate for each course plus some form of certificate for the whole program.  This kind of arrangement poses some additional challenges in the platform setup. 

The Open edX codebase includes a complimentary service called the course discovery service which is an advanced component that collects and stores metadata about the online courses created in Studio and helps share it efficiently among some of the other Open edX applications. This particular advance feature plays a key role to enable the offering of programs (Collections of courses for the learner to follow) and to the extent this is also connected with the edx ecommerce application, these programs can also be purchased at a discounted price.  


It is important to mention that this service is mostly used when the platform is integrated with an external marketing site, as the course discovery service provides an alternative for the marketing site to list the different courses available.


Programs are defined and configured into the course discovery service and learners are then capable of selecting one program for enrollment, which triggers the enrollment on all the courses that belong to that program. These program enrollments don’t issue any certification when the learner completed all the included courses.

In response to this kind of challenge, eduNEXT has developed a simpler way in which programs (collection of courses) can be set up in an open edX platform without the need for the Course discovery service.  This solution is based in edunext’s exclusive extensions and it provides two core functions:

This functionality is built on a regular course that is designated as a proxy for the program or collection of courses. In this article, we’ll refer to this special course as the Program-course.


Here’s a detailed explanation of how this approach solves the aforementioned challenges:

This useful feature is a recent addition to the eduNEXT cloud PERFORMANCE subscriptions that is currently available for all our active customers. In case of interest in taking advantage of this particular functionality, you can simply reach out to our support team to request the activation at the site level. 


Not a current eduNEXT customer? Explore our variety of  plans  and get started with your learning initiative with Open edX technology experts! 

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Table of Contents

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