After 2 years, Open edX Conference 2022 is back with full energy! It will be held from April 26-29 in Lisbon where some of the key directions for transforming the future of education will be addressed.

This year, the conference sessions have been grouped into three distinct tracks: Pedagogy and Instructional Design, Platform and Product, and Extensions and Integrations.

Registration for the conference is still open. The 2022 Conference spans four days:

Tuesday, April 26 – Registration + Tutorials and in-depth training.

Wednesday, April 27 – Conference Day 1 and Evening Reception

Thursday, April 28 – Day 2 of the conference

Friday, April 29 – Developer Summit

Attendees will be able to delve into aspects such as: Creating course catalogs, updating content editors, how to use ORA in courses, building your own Micro-Fronted, the future of online education, verified credentials and implementations for Open edX, Open edX status and updates, among other discussion and learning spaces. You can view the full agenda here.

This important event for the Open edX community will feature keynote speakers: 

– Anant Agarwal, Chief Open Education Officer at 2U.

– Tobie Langel, Principal & Founder of UnlockOpen

– Paula Marques, Executive Director of Business Transformation, Executive Education at Nova School of Business and Economics / MERCER

– Jenna Makowski, Senior Product Manager at The Center for Reimagining Learning (tCRIL)

– Edward Zarecor, Vice President of Engineering at Open edX

In addition, for eduNext as partners of this great organization it is an honor and a source of great excitement to be able to participate and contribute as sponsors and speakers in different topics of the agenda. Our participation will be led at the event by:

Juan Camilo Montoya

Co-Founder and CEO

Felipe Montoya

Co-Founder and CTO

María Grimaldi

Backend Developer

Who will address the following conferences: 

  • Marketing Working Group – In which they will talk about the entire Open edX community and all the contributions that have been developed from the marketing team, of which eduNEXT is part of.
  • Extending the Open edX platform sustainably through the Open edX Events and Filters framework – We will take a look at how the new Open edX Hooks Extension Framework works, a mechanism to extend the Open edX platform without modifying its core, designed to be used through plugins.
  • Course Licensing with the Open edX Platform – will discuss different ways to support B2I (Business to Institution) within the Open edX ecosystem and show how it is intended to streamline and enhance onboarding and administrative experiences.
  • Enabling multi-language course content – Considering that, according to the latest edX Impact report, there are more than 40 million learners worldwide using and if we include all Open edX initiatives, there could be hundreds of millions, it is necessary to find viable alternatives for content translation to enable course access for people around the world. This talk will discuss technologies such as text-to-speech, speech-to-text, machine learning translation services and Blockstore, so that courses can become multilingual experiences. 

See all speakers at the Open edX 2022 Conference.

Constantly updating ad contributing to the community of specialists in this technology is fundamental for us to continue taking our mission to empower organizations worldwide to deliver high quality learning as a major force to improve people’s lives to another level.

See you at the Open edX 2022 Conference, to work together for the future of online education!

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