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Announcement: 2023 Open edX Elections

The 3 elected community representatives have the mission to represent the community as a whole, but with each a specific focus:
Announcement: 2023 Open edX Elections

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As you might know, Edunext is an active participant in the Open edX community, and we would like to invite you to vote and be part of the Technical Oversight Committee Charter (TOC) 

TOC Elections

The Technical Oversight Committee (“TOC”) is formed to help serve the purpose of the Open edX project by governing the overall technical direction and stewardship of the project. All purposes served by the TOC shall be consistent with the nonprofit mission of The Center for Reimagining Learning, Inc., a Massachusetts nonprofit corporation.

TOC Team

The 3 elected community representatives have the mission to represent the community as a whole, but with each a specific focus:

  • Operators & core community representative, which is elected by the project’s core contributors and maintainers
  • Instructors representative, which is elected by all individuals producing or running a currently active course on Open edX 
  • Learners representative, which represents everyone using Open edX to learn; for this election round, it is elected by the instructors, but the representative will be responsible for reaching out to the learners and helping to involve learners in the project & its elections.

If you are running a currently active course on Open edX, please register to vote! This includes any form of contribution to the authoring of a system, particularly Teaching Assistants (TAs).

TOC Responsabilities

The TOC will: 

1. Define and maintain the technical vision and direction for the Open edX Platform. 

2. Establish common practices and policies to be implemented across all Open edX Platform community projects and enforced by the TOC. 

3. Track, monitor, and align Open edX Platform community projects.

4. Establish working groups as needed, staffed by the Open edX Platform community, and hold those groups accountable to project standards and quality of deliverables. 

5. Establish time-bound task forces, staffed by the Open edX Platform community, to solve acute project needs. 

6. advise and support the NP on the management of: 

  1.  Annual Open edX conference 

  2.  Open edX Platform Preferred Partner program 

  3. Open edX Platform Contributor Program (covering code committers and non-technical contributors).

Help to reach out to eligible voters!

We also need the whole community’s help to let all eligible voters know that they can vote. Since we are an open-source project, our community is spread over many individual Open edX sites. Many learners, instructors, TAs, and operators will not be following the news here – so if you know any, or have any way to get the news of the election registration published where users of Open edX will see it, please help! 

Blog posts on Open edX-related sites or educational news sites are of particular relevance. Reach out to

Become a candidate

If you would like to apply as a candidate for the election, see the forum thread for candidates’ nominations. 

Note that to qualify for becoming a TOC member, if you aren’t already a core contributor, you will need to go past the core contributor review process, which takes about 2 weeks. To complete the review on time, you will need to submit your candidature for core contributor by September 12th – please reach out now without waiting though, to help prepare you.

Learn More

For more details about the election, see the TOC Community Election Charter which has been recently enacted by the TOC, after a community review. This is still an experimental process, which the TOC might adjust based on the experience gained running the elections

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Table of Contents

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