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Running an educational initiative with Open edX itself comes with a fair variety of functionalities that allows users to have a successful learning experience. However, the possibility to integrate your Open edX platform with WordPress, a recognized CMS that provides a wide range of optimized features, could help you boost your site. Learn more about the WordPress integration with Open edX.

When it comes to finding the right ecommerce plugin, WordPress offers through WooCommerce the possibility to create your own store, or sell access to your online courses with the flexibility to manage course catalog and sales models, as well as to choose from different online payment gateway options. It also provides diverse features such as email authentication, bill generation, fee return, and the ability to manage reports and tracking over orders.

Some main benefits from WooCommerce include the ability to extend functionalities, there are many scripts that plug into WooCommerce, both free and paid. Also, it’s fair to mention that as an open-source there is a large community dedicated to making constant improvements. Also, it’s free to use, which makes it the world’s most popular ecommerce framework.

What can you do with our WooCommerce integration?

As previously mentioned, WooCommerce counts with a variety of features that allows your e-commerce site to offer different functionalities, such as the definition of products which in this case are courses. Whenever a user makes a purchase, they are automatically enrolled in the course which can only be done if a user is already an Open edX subscriber. It also provides automation of data when it comes to filling up billing information, which is taken from the user’s profile. Among other features, the Open edX integration with WooCommerce also allows you to monitor enrollment requests, which are those done after a learner subscribes to a paid course.

Additional functionalities that can be done with the WooCommerce integration include:

bundles and local currency management (this requires an alternative WooCommerce plugin), commerce of other resources different from courses such as books, discount coupons, variety of payment processors, billing capabilities, email follow up for payment confirmation, among others.

If you have questions about the installation process for WooCommerce, here’s a quick guide on how you can do it:

For eduNEXT Cloud or On-Premise subscribers

For Open edX installations not supplied by eduNEXT

Contact the edunext sales team at to get a quote for the required services. As part of this service, some components will be added to your open edX installation, and you will be provided with the WordPress plugin installer.

After all, WooCommerce is a great e-commerce alternative to sell your courses online with high-quality learning experiences. Start selling today worldwide!

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