The innovative way Pearson is transforming learning experiences with Open edX

Pearson’s Open edX platform is the result of a collaboration between Pearson and edX, a global nonprofit online learning destination founded by Harvard and MIT. This platform offers personalized learning experiences for learners of all ages, from children to adults.
The innovative way Pearson is transforming learning experiences with Open edX

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Pearson and edunext: The Power of Collaboration

Pearson education is a world learning company with longstanding leadership and expertise in educational publishing and assessment that provides services to schools, corporations and individual students worldwide. It’s technological products include interactive educational systems that provide access to academic material, as well as mastering platforms.

As a leading provider of learning experiences worldwide, they have created different initiatives powered by the Open edX technology and one good example is  Pearson Advance, this in particular consists of offering flexible online courses from the world’s leading universities that involve a variety of programs in different knowledge fields. Just like these initiatives, they offer a wide range of facilities to its community and for that reason there’s a specific demand of requirements to their Open edX platforms.

Pearson identified an opportunity to grow by re-selling their courses to other providers in the industry, and that required the execution of data synchronization, which was one particular challenge for them. The synchronization of data allows the course content to be available in external platforms which facilitates the re-selling process, as well as the integration with their current CRM.

One other specific need was to be able to manage and develop specific features for their learning platforms powered by the Open edX technology, that involved customization of course management and prerequisites.

In order to fulfill those specific needs on their learning platform, since 2020 Pearson relies on edunext as an strategic partner that provides consulting services for the Open edX technologies, delivering the knowledge and expertise required for many challenges, including data and analytics, custom branding, platform extensions, custom integrations, Ecommerce, custom development, staff training and more.

The contribution of edunext has impulsed Pearson to evolve and innovate on the delivery of their learning solutions, that yet counts with a significant amount of active users, which translates into better quality education for learners worldwide.

At edunext we are driven by our customer’s mission to deliver outstanding online learning experiences. We are fully committed to the development and promotion of the Open edX technology, as well as making accessible to everyone state-of-the-art technologies, to provide high-quality education worldwide.

Table of Contents

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