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Becoming an Open edX Pro with edunext's Video Series

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Welcome to Edunext! We’re here to help you make the most of the Open edX platform for exceptional online learning experiences. Our video series will turn you into an Open edX pro.

With your Edunext subscription

You get access to three key applications:



The third key platform you as an administrator have access to is the edunext control center or ecc for short.  This is a powerful additional tool, available only to edunext subscribers, that sits next to the Open edX platform and facilitates the rol of the administrators, allowing them to have a centralized place where to find and manage the different pieces, in a much easier way and always with the support of our technical and customer success teams.



The LMS or Learning Management System is the main application where your learners, employees or customers will ultimately find and consume the learning experiences you provide. It’s up and running from the get go, but you’d normally want to customize its looks and populate it with content before getting your users to start visiting it.



The CMS or Content Management System, also know as STUDIO, is the tool for creating and configuring engagement and feature rich courses in Open edX! With Studio, you can easily build course the course outline and then add videos, problems, activities, and any other resources and configurations. We’ll explore Studio in more depth in a later video.


Configure Your LMS Site for a Great Look

In this video, we’ll guide you through essential steps to enhance your LMS site’s appearance and functionality. To begin, access the edunext control center and select your site. Start with the following:


Look and Feel:

Under the “brand” tab, set the main color and upload your logo, making any necessary adjustments.



Configure the top navigation by adding links, including the course catalog link. Save your changes.



Footer Basic Settings:

Enhance your site’s brand in the footer by setting background colors, uploading a secondary logo, and adding important links. Remember to save your changes and allow time for the cache to clear.

Publish a course with imported contents

After the basic configurations and look and feel of your LMS site are done, it is time to start adding courses to populate your course catalog. This is certainly the most challenging part of any starting online learning initiative, but in this video series we are going to introduce the process, step by step.


Create Your Course in Open edX Studio:

  1. Start Your Course: Access Open edX Studio, create a new course, set course details carefully, and add basic information like descriptions, images, and videos.

  2. Structure Your Course: Outline sections and subsections, determine release dates, and manage visibility for learners.

  3. Develop Course Content: Add units with different content types—videos, text, discussions, open responses, and problems. Customize and organize these components within units.

  4. Preview and Publish: Use “Live Version” to preview the course, toggle between Studio and LMS, and ensure readiness before publishing.

  5. Additional Elements: Incorporate course updates and custom pages for notifications, extra resources, and information.

  6. Grading and Certification: Define grading structure, assignment types, percentages, and minimum passing grades. Configure certificates as per documentation.

Your e-learning initiative can go far!

Discover some of our most successful Open edX initiatives

We’ve assisted many clients, like you, to excel with Open edX. Their success stories vary, but they all share one key factor: trusting our process and collaborating closely to craft customized plans. Open edX boasts success across the board, from prestigious institutions like MIT and Harvard to smaller entities, engaging over 55 million users. One notable example: a large organization leveraged Open edX for an online program, garnering 70,000+ enrollments. Employees accessed diverse courses, enhancing engagement and productivity significantly. Let’s delve into more success stories now.

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