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Our team of Online learning specialists has been working in Open edX related projects around the globe for over 4 years, taking on a wide variety of challenges.

We make valuable contributions to the open edX community to give back and help improving the online learning platform.

We have been part of every major event for the open edX community.

We are committed to the internationalization of the Open edX platform. Our team contributes to the translation of different languages, and we lead the translation and review efforts for the Spanish language.
  • 530,000 lines of code.
  • 22 active repositories
  • 958 commits
  • 12 Pull requests submitted upstream
Our team adds up over 30 years of expertise in successful planning and execution of e-learning and web technology projects. Our portfolio of specialized services for the Open edX platforms and technologies include:

Install & configuration

  • Installation and configuration services for open edX instances
  • Install and configuration of open edX ecommerce services
  • Install and configuration of edX insights or the analytics pipeline
  • Install and configuration of Xblocks


  • Maintenance and support for open edX sites on premise
  • Upgrade and data migration of an open edX site to the latest named release


  • Branding, localizing and deploying the open edX mobile apps for iOS and android
  • Development of new corporate themes and branding modifications
  • Integration with third party authentication systems
  • Integration of additional payment gateways
  • Integration of open edX with a Content Management System, such as Drupal or WordPress
  • Development of REST APIs for integrating Open edX with other platforms or services
  • Development of X-blocks
  • Development of Custom IDAs (Independently Deployed Applications)
  • Development and set up of open edX multisites and marketing sites


  • Training your staff in the operation of open edX, Studio, ecommerce, insights.
  • Empower your technical team to run and manage open edX internally
  • Design and build online courses or training programs.
  • Corporate training in assisted or autonomous learning modes.
  • MOOC (Massive Open Online Courses) development and operation.
  • Online tests application and results analysis.
  • Installation, configuration and operation of elearning initiatives based on open edX platforms and technologies.

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