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Open edX Mobile App
The latest Open edX Hawthorn Release brings a wide range of improved convenience and usability features for learners as well
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How to add gamification to open edX
Gamification in Open edX can make a meaningful difference for individuals and institutions of academic industry who are looking to
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How to integrate open edX with a wordpress site
Integrating Open edX with WordPress or another CMS
The open edX platform, covers your needs for hosting and operating online courses, but there is also the need of
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Adding insights to Open edX
The edX insights platform is an additional application that runs next to the open edX platform, and it's dedicated to
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Open edX Documents and Resources
Implementing custom payment processors for Open edX ecommerce
Ever since edX announced the plan to develop a new ecommerce service to replace the original shopping cart that came
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Online payments and the open edX platform
Add ecommerce to your Open edX site
eduNEXT's Open edX Software as a Service subscriptions provide a way to integrate ecommerce into your online learning strategy, featuring
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Flow control Xblock – A multi unit conditional module for Open edX
Course contents in a course built on the open edX platform is organized in a structure of sections, subsections and
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Open edX Documents and Resources
Documents and resources to help build and manage your courses
Designing an online course and getting the most out of STUDIO, (the course authoring tool for open edX) to implement
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open edX i18n
Localization and multilingual configuration
Online learning initiatives may dwell in the multi lingual world, and having an e learning platform that can handle several
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migrate versions in an open edx upgrade
Open edX upgrade
Are you stranded with an outdated open edX installation? We know that upgrading your production open edX instance to a
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