The open edX platform in the Hawthorn version
the advantage and low cost of SaaS subscriptions

Open edX as a Service

Open edX is the most advanced open source online learning platform. Created by Harvard and MIT and used by millions worldwide.

We believe your online learning can change lives, so our subscriptions are built to help you overcome all the technical challenges and to make sure you get four great values:

  • 1. Liberty to let you focus on your priorities

    Enjoy the power of the Open edX technologies. Designed, and built by edX Inc. Used by Harvard, MIT, hundreds of world-class organizations and millions of learners. Hosted, managed and maintained by industry experts.

  • 2. Fast deployment & Flexibility

    Get started in just minutes. Just choose your configuration, branding & styles, set your own domain and start publishing great courses. Change your configuration anytime you need, choose the add-ons you require and pay only to the extent of your actual needs.

  • 3. Optimized and enhanced production environment

    Run a production-grade Open edX environment with all the components, services, tools and features you need. Enjoy high availability, optimized performance, 7×24 service monitoring, automatic testing, and strong security.

  • 4. Freedom from technology vendors

    With an Open edX as a service cloud solution, you get all the strategic advantages of an open sourced platform, and retain always control of your data, while avoiding the hazards, complications, and costs of taking care of it all in-house.

Open edX as a service | Liberty to let you focus on your priorities

We work out the technology, to let you focus on the business

Fully featured. You get a fully functional Open edX site in eduNEXT Multitenant Open edX platform and infrastructure.

Affordable. Avoid huge initial investments to focus your resources on the challenges of building outstanding online courses and deliver them to your market.

Continuous integration. Never worry again about being outdated. Your platform is continuously updated to stay on the latest Open edX named release to empower your initiative with the newest and best features in online learning.

That’s all I need

Open edX as a service | Fast deployment & Flexibility

Get there fast and get adapt to your market needs

Instant deployment. Minimize your time to market with our Open edX as a Service solutions.

Self-service configuration. The power to adapt and customize your Open edX site as you go.

Flexible. Your subscription is priced based on the number of monthly active users and can be configured in monthly or yearly billing cycles to match your demand elastically.

Adaptable. Choose from different alternatives based on the features and services you really need to use.

Get me there

Open edX as a service | An optimized production environment for open edX

High Industry standards for your platform and infrastructure

Expertise. Industry experts take care of your platform proactively and efficiently.

World class Infrastructure. Your site is powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS) scalable Enterprise Cloud infrastructure.

Quality. You are always protected by eduNEXT Service Level Agreement (SLA), which includes all the details of your service in terms of availability, capacity, security, continuity and service support.

Exclusive features. Make the most of your online courses with Additional Reporting Module, Real-Time Analytics, Third party Authentication, Marketing site integration, Google analytics integration, HTML emails & email tracking, External enrolments API, Additional payment processors, Third party XBlocks and more.

I want it already

Open edX as a service | Freedom from technology vendors

Never feel held hostage by a technology provider

Entirely up to you. When you enjoy the liberty of an open source platform, you know that you can always move your installation elsewhere or even make it on premise if you need to. Our terms of service guarantee that you always get access to your data and assistance in case you choose to migrate away from eduNEXT infrastructure.

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Open edX Software as a Service Subscriptions

Get started with eduNEXT Open edX as a Service subscriptions. You can always start small and adapt your platform in several ways as you grow.

Consulting services

Get our team of open edX experts to work on your online learning infrastructure, custom developments, custom theming, mobile apps, or training for your staff.