Adjust the configurations to your needs. Build and publish your courses and start delivering online learning experiences


Open edX is the most advanced open source online learning platform. Created by Harvard and MIT and used by millions worldwide.

The tools to simplify and enhance operations, monitoring, reporting, communications, certificates generation and more.

Manage your Site

Configuring every little detail of your Online learning site is important and also a bit hard. The eduNEXT Management console has been designed to help you modify the looks and inner workings of your Open edX site effortlessly.

Build your Courses

Online courses can be as powerful as you can imagine.

Create an impressive and engaging online learning experience using the most advanced tools and components.

Run your courses

Tips and Tricks to help you run your courses when using Open edX. Monitor operations, get reports, analyze the results, communicate with your learners, issue certificates, and more.


open edX i18n
Localization and multilingual configuration
Online learning initiatives may dwell in the multi lingual world, and having an e learning platform that can handle several
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Open edX analytics in real time
Real time analytics in Open edX
The ability to understand users behavior is with no doubt a critical success factor in any online learning initiative. One
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