Adjust the configurations, Build and publish your courses and start delivering online learning

Open edX® is an advanced open source technology to deliver online learning. Created by Harvard and MIT and used by millions worldwide.

The tools to simplify and enhance operations, monitoring, reporting, communications, certificates generation and more.

Getting started with the Open edX platform

A six-step video guide that will show everything you need to get started.

Manage your Site

Configuring every little detail of your Online learning site is important and also a bit hard. The eduNEXT Management console has been designed to help you modify the looks and inner workings of your Open edX site effortlessly.

Build your courses

Create an impressive and engaging online learning experience using the most advanced tools and components.

Additional external resources

Run your courses

Tips and Tricks to help you run your courses when using the Open edX platform. Monitor operations, get reports, analyze the results, communicate with your learners, issue certificates, and more.

Additional external resources

Articles on managing the Open edX platform

Getting valuable information out of your Open edX instance

The Open edX platform is an advanced technology with a lot of moving parts and advanced knowledge is required to install it, configure it, and operate it to its full potential.

Even if you have the technical and human resources to face the task and you have done it very well so far for your site, you may not want to deal forever with this kind of challenges.

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self service open edX configuration

eduNEXT Management Console

One of our purposes is to empower you to be able to run your open edX microsite with a great deal of flexibility and control. A very useful feature in the manage application is to allow for easy self service customization of many of your site’s configuration variables, styles, email behavior, and advanced features configuration.

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Adding insights to the Open edX platform

The Open edX insights platform is an additional application that runs next to the open edX platform, and it’s dedicated to compute actionable insights based on the application logs.
Contact eduNEXT for professional services regarding edX insights in Amazon EMR, native hive hadoop, MS Azure and private infrastructures.

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