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Cypress, the newest Open edX named release

edX has recently announced the newest release of Open edX under the name Cypress. This new release is already deployed for all the instances of eduNEXT.
18 August, 2015
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Birch. the second named Open edX release.

The new tree species in the Open edX named release space is called Birch. This one was first released on february 2015 and it includes some very interesting new features.
3 March, 2015
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Open edX con 2014

On November 18th – 19th 2014 in Cambridge, Massachusetts, the team encharged of the Open edX community hosted the first official Open edX conference, focused on the development and use of the edX open source platform.
3 December, 2014
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Open edX hackathon 2014

After the 2014 Open edX Conference, edX organized a two day Hackathon to get the community to work together with edX engineers in developing new interesting projects. The eduNEXt team participated actively, working in a project aimed at implementing the use of libsass instead of sass to allow the removal of a ruby dependency from the stack.
29 November, 2014
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Aspen, First named Open edX release

In order to make it easier for people in the Open edX community to collaborate and share knowledge over the Open edX codebase, edX has created a strategy of named releases, that will provide stable points for the Open edX initiative around the world to start working from. The first one of such named releases is called Aspen.
3 October, 2014
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Open edX Datajam 2013

In December 2013 the State Department hosted alongside with Harvard, MIT and edX a meeting to propose ideas for using technology to improve the current state of higher education. This turned out to be the first ever Open conference, named edX Datajam 2013.
21 December, 2013
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