event 10 September, 2015

Open edX upgrade

Are you stranded with an outdated open edX installation?


We know that performing an open edX upgrade in your production instance to a newer named release can be a huge challenge. And preserving all your data and functionality, while minimizing any downtime of your site makes it even more difficult.

Additionally, staying in an older versión exposes your site to security risks and prevents you from getting the latest features and improvements.

Open edX upgrade services

Our team of senior developers and consultants is specialized in the open edX platform and related technologies, and can help you migrate your outdated instance from Aspen, Birch, Cypress or Dogwwood to the latest named release of open edX, minimizing downtime, preserving your data and porting your custom features if needed.

Contact us to find out more.

Ready to take your online learning to the next step?

Cloud Subscriptions powered by Open edX

Get started with eduNEXT’s Cloud Subscriptions powered by Open edX. You can always start small and adapt your platform in several ways as you grow.

Self Hosted Open edX

Get our team of Open edX experts to install and configure the Open edX platform in your own infrastructure, design and develop customizations, change the theming, deploy mobile apps, or train your staff.

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