event 2 August, 2016

Additional reporting capabilities across your Open edX site

When running online courses you need to have all the data to help you make informed decisions.

One of our latest features in the manage application is an extra cross course open edx reports module, to allow for easy access to filtered cross course data and generation of user friendly reports.


eduNEXT’s exclusive custom open edx reports

Some of the reports that are already available are:

  • Users report, to give you the whole picture of your site’s registration.
  • Enrollments report, including unenrolled users from all your courses.
  • Grades report, to have all the learners info and grades in one place.
  • Timed exams report, to get all the information about the timed exams submissions.
  • Certificates report, to get a list of all generated certificates for a course, including student info and the certificate url.

Additional or custom open edx reports can also be built into this reporting module to suit your projects needs. Contact us to find out more.


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