Open edX FICUS. Security and performance upgrades in this latest named release

open edX ficus named release
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The Ficus named release, the 6th release of the open edX platform by edX, has been officially released and is now available for all the open edX as a service subscriptions at eduNEXT.

New Features in open edX ficus

This new release contains some fundamental security and performance features as it now deploys the technology under an upgraded and long term supported version of the Ubuntu operating system. (16.04)

It also includes some very relevant new features such as:

  • Improvements to the course navigation and UX.
  • Hidden content options for gradable subsections after its due date
  • Personal Timezone configuration for each learner
  • Improved Layout for the discussions board, teams discussions and inline discussions.
  • Optimized progress page
  • Cohort specific view for instructors.
  • Team only custom pages

If you care to enjoy the latest named release of Open edX, sign up for one of our SaaS premium or enterprise subscriptions today.

If you are running an older version of open edX in your own infrastructure, contact us to find out how to get it upgraded and migrated to the latest named release.

Find out more about the official release in the open edX ficus release notes.

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