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Documents and resources to help build and manage your courses

One of our purposes is to empower you to be able to create great course content for your online courses running on open edX.

Designing an online course and getting the most out of STUDIO, (the course authoring tool for open edX) to implement your design, is a huge challenge in itself, so we provide you with a set of valuable resources and open edX documents to help you accomplish more.


Open edX documents at a glace

Some of the documents and resources you’ll find available at your Documents in the manage platform are:

  • Studio common tasks guide.
  • Course templates to help you get started and move faster with course creation.
  • Certificates configuration guide.
  • List and description of available Xblocks and what to use them for.
  • Full featured Styleguide to speed up and style your HTML course contents for desktop and mobile.
  • LMS common instructor tasks guide.

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