Cypress, the newest Open edX named release

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edX has recently announced the newest release of Open edX under the name Cypress. This is the third named release of the Open edX plaftform, and comes about 6 months after the Birch release, announced in february 2015.

Open edX Cypress release comes with a handful of new and exciting features, such as:

  • Support for the Open Badges Standard by Mozilla Foundation.
  • New page in the Instructor Dashboard to manage Cohorts.
  • Course based Certificates configuration.
  • In-Courses Search capabilities.
  • Creative Commons licencing.
  • Custom Course Experiences (CCX)
  • Enhancements to the Grade Reports in the Instructor Dashboard
  • Added Feedback and Hints to Common Problems
  • HTML Spell Check in Studio
  • Learner Profiles
  • LTI Provider functionality
  • Poll and Survey Tools
  • Problem Grade Report in the Instructor Dashboard
  • Randomized Content Blocks
  • Report of Not-Yet Enrolled Students
  • Third Party Authentication with with SAML or OAuth2 idp.
  • YouTube API 3.0 implementation for video contents

If you are running a Birch, Aspen or and earlier release of the Open edX platform and want to migrate to the newest release to take advantage of all this new features in your online courses, the team at eduNEXT can help you out. Sign up for our Open edX as a Service solution, or contact us.

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