Configure an Open edX site

Configuring the Open edX site is a key step towards delivering that successful online learning initiative of yours.

This guide is meant to give you step by step instructions on how to configure the most important parts of a newly created open edX site using the exclusive eduNEXT Management Console.  This tool is available only to eduNEXT’s Open edX cloud subscriptions.   If you are running Open edX in a different way (in your own installation) you’ll need to follow the Open edX official documentation instead.

This interactive guide will teach you how to:

  1. Access the eduNEXT Management Console.
  2. Adjust some general configuration options for your account and site.
  3. Change the look and feel of your Open edX site.
  4. Set up the branding and configuration of the emails to be sent by the platform.
  5. Add the HTML content for your static pages.
  6. Apply more advanced configurations for your site and more customization to the look and feel.

Let's Dive in

The very first step to configure your Open edX site
Some of the general configurations for your Open edX site using eduNEXT Management Console
Personalize your site and course catalog page
Set up the emails to be sent to your learners on your Open edX platform and personalize them by adding your brand.

Add a contact form, your terms of service or your privacy policy

Remember that a LITE subscription will only allow the configuration options explained above, but after your subscription is upgraded and some of the add ons are added to your console, you’ll be able to do much more, including:

  1. Publish your site under you own domain.
  2. Get a more advanced look and feel experience, including menu items, custom content , your own added HTML, CSS, and javascript content, and more.
  3. Adding third party authentication services to let your learners register and login with their social network or email credentials or with your own identity provider.
  4. Apply restrictions so that only certain users can sign up to your site based on email domain or a white list.
  5. Customize the registration form to reduce the fields or capture any extra information you need.
  6. Integrating your Open edX site with an external website or Content management system.
  7. Publishing your LMS site in more than one language.
  8. Add the Open edX ecommerce platform to sale access to your courses and monetize your initiative.
  9. Use eduNEXT exclusive management API to integrate your platform with other services.
  10. Using the PERFORMANCE exclusive multisites feature to publish more than one LMS site under your subscription.
  11. Enabling requests from a mobile app.

Whenever you are ready for more, visit to upgrade your subscription.

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