eduNEXT Management Console: The configuration tool for the Open edX platform

An exclusive platform developed by eduNEXT. The EMC (eduNEXT management console) is a powerful managerial tool to self customize many of your site’s Open edX configuration variables. The EMC allows customizing the LMS site with a wide range of configuration options. You can find on the EMC the look and feel, add-on activation, users’ monitoring, data reporting, email configuration, Google Analytics, and many other options to create a unique LMS site.

It is only available to eduNEXT cloud subscribers.

General setting of your site

Site administrators can choose the language and the default time zone where most of their users will be located. It possible to add Google Analytics tracking code.

Look & feel and content overrides

There are default options in the basic look & feel sections where you can modify the visual aspects of your site.

through the HTML content overrides add-on you can customize your LMS site to provide an outstanding UX user experience.



Advanced Configurations - Add-ons

The eduNEXT management console allows you to access and in some cases change the configurations for the add-ons. 

With these added functionalities, you can increase the capabilities of their site.

eduNEXT cloud subscriptions currently have 16 add-ons to help its subscribers make the most of their online initiative.

Here is a hint of the most common:

 Website integration: through this plugin, you can integrate your Open edX site with an external CMS.

Third-party authentication: Users can log in or register with their credentials at a third party authentication provider.

Report module: this simplifies access to your course information. There are 5 types of reports.

eCommerce: allows the monetization of your initiative in different ways.


Process tracking records and deliver actionable insights in real-time. 

Data displayed on the console is divided into 3 categories:

1. Active users: This dashboard displayed the number of active users in your microsite.

2. Real-Time logs: This dashboard shows the activity logs in your site for up to 30 days.

3. Email tracking: This dashboard indicates all the email sent all the emails sent by Open edX on your behalf, from account activation emails, password reset requests, and more.



The Open edX reports module provides you easy access to filtered cross course data from users, enrollments, grades, and more.

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